Camelot Forever: Pendragon’s Return is the first novel written by Robert and in collaboration with Bill M. Nichols, but he’s been around publishing a long time.

Robert has worked in the comic book industry, in several different aspects, for many years. Twenty-five years ago Robert and his brother Mike started Blue Line Art, the company that prints borders on comic art boards used by many professional artists and publishers in the comic industry.

Not happy with only supplying artists with paper Blue Line created, an online art store focused on offering art supplies specifically for the comic book artist.

He next created Sketch Magazine, a periodical that offers professional tutorials on every aspect of comic book creation and has been acting publisher from its inception.

Even before Blue Line, Robert had his hand in creating comics. His projects ranged from time-traveling agents to superheroes and, most recently, following the adventures of a child with learning differences. Robert has over 12 properties currently in development for comics, online webcomics and merchandise in the Afterburn Network.

None of these accomplishments are quite as close to Robert’s heart as his current project Clay’s Way not only took years of preparation by Robert but over 12 years of resource research by his wife Katie. Clay’s Way is a comic strip based loosely on Robert, his wife and their two sons and how they deal with their son’s day to day life with Dyslexia and ADHD. Clay’s Way has over 140 comic strips posted online. A resource area about ADHD and Dyslexia is available at He currently is working on publishing the first Clay’s Way graphic novel.

Outside of publishing Robert and his partners has opened a successful video game store (more here and local thrift store called Nostalgic Bazaar in Northern Kentucky.

Spending as much times as possible with his wife Katie.

A longtime comic book reader, Robert keeps up with the latest Marvel Mutant battles and whichever earth the guy in blue tights is having his current adventure. He also enjoys watching Cincinnati Reds baseball and UK basketball.

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Bill has been a comic book writer, inker and editor for the past 25+ years working for Knight Press, Afterburn, Ringtail Cafe, Caliber and Comico, among others. He is also the editor of Sketch Magazine, a leading industry magazine about creating comic books. With Robert W. Hickey, Bill continues to create under the Afterburn banner, including projects under his own Sparta Bay imprint.

Bill created and wrote the webcomic Arteest, illustrated by Robin Ator. He is also the current writer of the Ringtail Cafe comic for Ringtail Cafe.

He majored in Theatre at Morehead State University in Kentucky and graduated with a Master’s in Communication.

Over the years, Bill has been a comic book creator for various companies, a fan-writer and -artist, a retailer, and a publisher.


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by Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols
Early 2022