Camelot Forever Snowflake  –  Now Available

A short story by Robert W. Hickey and Bill Nichols.

Elizabeth had no idea how her young life would be changed the morning of that fateful Christmas Eve. Nor could she dream she would meet her great-great-grandfather Sherlock Holmes or guess how it all tied into the history of Camelot.

1st printing limited to 1,000 copies / Signed and Numbered / Sized 5″ x 8″ / 40 pages

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• Signed and Numbered Ashcan Novella, FREE Snowflake Bookmark

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The past and the present clash with the bloodlines of Camelot’s fabled knights…

After the events of Camelot Forever: Snowflake Elizabeth spent much of her life with her Aunt and Uncle John (Doc Watson). Her life takes a turn when she marries Lance and the evils from her past catch up with her and her family. Can Sherlock and Watson save her again or is this truly the end of the Camelot Knight’s bloodlines? And, what is Lance’s connection to King Arthur’s most trusted knight, Lancelot?

Early 2022…


Camelot fell not only to outside forces, but from betrayal within…
King Arthur appears in modern day, sent through time by his old friend Merlin from the moment of his defeat in battle . Morgana LeFay has established a corporate empire whose true goal is to control all magic left in the world. Arthur discovers a network of modern-day knights, descendants from his original Round Table, allied against Morgana and waiting for the return of their king.
A role Arthur is reluctant to take…
Arthur remains pure of spirit and trusting, blind to the dangers of internal treachery and the modern world. Luckily, he has a detective on his side, the 13-year-old great-granddaughter of… Sherlock Holmes!
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Now Available!

by Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols
Early 2022