Camelot Forever Snowflake Ashcan Short Story

Elizabeth had no idea how her young life would be changed the morning of that fateful Christmas Eve. Nor could she dream she would meet her great-great-grandfather Sherlock Holmes or guess how it all tied into the history of Camelot.

1st printing limited to 1,000 copies / Signed and Numbered by authors Robert W. Hickey & Bill Nichols. / Sized 5″ x 8″ / 40 pages

What you receive:
With this purchase you will receive
• Camelot Forever Snowflake Signed and Numbered Ashcan Novella
• Download digital version of the story
• An FREE Snowflake Bookmark limited to a 1,000 copies.

Ashcan short story is a format that I want to use to develop and expand characters from the Camelot Forever Series of novels premiering 2018. The books are printed and stapled.

Camelot Forever: Pendragon’s Return Shipping March, 2018

Camelot Forever: Pendragon’s Return
will be available in Print (soft & hard cover), and Digital.

Camelot Forever: Lancelot’s Redemption
will be available in Print (soft cover) and Digital.

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